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What is Burr Comb

Burr Comb is out of place comb.  It is made from the same wax as a typical honeycomb but is the comb that is built on top of frames, on the lid of the hive, or on the walls of the hive box.  Basically any space larger than 3/8″ (bee space) the bees try to fill with comb.  If the burr comb is deep enough they may fill it with honey, or other resources.

It is good practice when doing your hive inspections to scrape off the burr comb using your hive tool.  This will help ensure that the lid and frames fit back together properly, without leaving any unnecessary gaps or squishing any of your bees.

When scraping off the burr comb, don’t throw it on the ground next to your hive.  This may attract unwanted insects and parasites to the area.  You want to keep the area around and underneath the hive clean.

When doing your hive inspection take a 5-gallon bucket with you.  Any burr comb or propolis you scrap off can be saved and made into products.

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